Why Should I Build a Home in Asheville?


Asheville, NC is one of the best cities and places to live in the country. Many national publications have referenced this such as MSN, National Geographic, Southern Living Magazine, and Farmers Insurance, among others. The Asheville area offers everything you would want in a big city, arts, culture, extensive restaurant scene, and one of the fast growing craft beer markets in the county to being right next to the Blue Ridge Mountains providing endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Here are a few reasons we think will make you want to build your next home in Asheville, NC:

Live music:
Not only does Asheville attract large world renowned musical guests like the Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, and more, but Asheville is home to an extensive local music scene as well. You will find many outdoor music festivals that happen throughout the year as well as concerts at local music venues across the city, including The Orange Peel, which has been voted best Rock & Roll venue by The Rolling Stones Magazine.

Beer City, USA:
If you are interested in the craft beer scene Asheville is the place for you. Voted Beer City, USA on more than one occasion, you can find more than 40 different craft breweries located throughout the city. The city has even attracted larger breweries, New Belgium recently opened a brew house and pub in the Asheville area. The added bonus to being a craft beer mecha is the food that comes along with it. Many breweries have menus that you wouldn’t believe, not to mention the staggering amount of restaurants located throughout the city. You can find everything from food truck to fine dining and everything in between.

Blue Ridge Parkway:
If the outdoors is your thing, there is no shortage of activities to do with the Blue Ridge Mountains being at your backdoor. You can enjoy activities like hiking, kayaking, zip lining, white water rafting, and more. These mountains are also the perfect place to catch breathtaking views of the fall colors when the trees start to turn.