Ventana maintains one overarching philosophy when creating homes: minimizing the impact of building on the surrounding landscape. From the moment construction breaks ground, throughout the build process, and with long term visual impact in mind, architectural and site design guidelines provide a map not only for the continuity and quality of each home, but preserving the natural beauty of the existing landscape and community. Material use and color palettes blend with the forest with minimal site disturbance during construction, and innovative stormwater management practices are established throughout the entire build process to design homes with architectural style that are appropriate for their specific mountainside property. The architectural and site design philosophy aims to educate owners, builders and architects of sustainability practices to protect the land’s natural beauty and resources that extends beyond the moment of initial construction to achieve the best possible home for themselves as well as the land and surrounding community.

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Our design team is known for design quality and expertise in green building and sustainable design.

Our design process focuses on the unique character of each site and our client’s needs and aspirations.  Each of our projects, whether set in the woods or in a rugged mountain landscape, reflects the special character of its surroundings.

Gregory P. Cloos, ASLA

Gregory P. Cloos, ASLA

+ 20 Years Experience With Projects Ranging From Large-Scale Land Use Plans to Residential Landscapes.