Asheville Wine and Food Festival 2016

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Asheville Wine and Food Festival

The sweetest thing in Asheville is happening in August! It’s the SWEET Tasting on Friday, August 19th located at the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville. This dessert tasting is a part of the Asheville Wine and Food Festival. It’s an evening of sampling desserts, pastries, chocolate, and all that your sweet tooth desires! True to its name, this festival event not only features decadent desserts, but beer and wine as well. Experience the shopping, restaurants, and all that the Grove Arcade offers, while you stroll and nosh on tasty treats.

The Asheville Wine and Food Festival culminates with the Grand Tasting that happens on August 20th. The Grand Tasting is the main event for the weekend, held at the US Cellular Center in downtown Asheville. What better than an opportunity to taste and savor the flavors of Asheville and beyond under one big roof! We all know that Asheville is a foodie haven! This festival is a wonderful way to experience the cuisine. Food, wine, and beer are the stars of the show, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet vendors and watch cooking demonstrations. Did we mention there will be food tastings and adult beverages?

Whether you’re a food fanatic, a wino, a beer connoisseur, or all of the above,  you just can’t miss this celebration of all things delicious in Asheville!